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Pear Inc Property Management
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What We Do

We provide exceptional property management solutions based on the following three pillars:  

Simplicity. Integrity. Transparency.


As Leonardo Da Vinci said " Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication". We wholeheartedly embrace this concept and believe in eliminating unnecessary complexities in management, reporting, contracting, and vendor management. Our simple two page Property Management Agreement focuses only on the essential parts of the management contract and banks on established trust between us and our owners/investors. By also applying this simplicity concept to owner reporting and vendor management, we are able to achieve substantial cost savings and pass them on to our owners/investors.


Trust is one of the most important pillars of any business relationship. Without trust, no business relationship can begin and endure, and no amount of legal documents, contracts, and agreements can restore lost trust. We value the relationships with our clients, investors, and tenants, and work hard each and every day to maintain that level of trust.


We maintain transparency throughout the asset management process via timely financial reporting, multiple vendor bidding processes, tenant screening, selection, situation, and property's maximum market rent attainment. We also present hard facts without sugar coating them, and attack problems head on while working with owners/investors to find solutions. 

Why Pick Us

Your investment is our priority. We manage each property as if it was ours. By handing over the keys to your real estate to us, you are entrusting us with the utmost responsibility to protect, manage, and handle your investment with care.


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